Humor is such an integral part of a relationship. It can help end arguments, brighten each other’s day and simply make everyday life a bit more enjoyable. Your wedding invitations don’t have to follow the traditional format – they can be just as quirky as you and your future spouse. Here are a few funny invitations you both might love:

For Like Ever – Gold – Foil Invitation
When you read this invitation, it’s impossible not to read it in the voice of a 13-year-old girl. The design is beautiful and has a modern twist with a chevron-patterned background and shimmering gold foil text. This is a fun invitation that is filled with as much personality as there is style. Your future wedding guests will sure get a kick out of receiving this one in the mail.

Mustache and Lips – Faux Glitter – Invitation
For the hipster couple, this invitation doesn’t get any more perfect. At the bottom of your invitation, you’ll find a black mustache and red lips. The black and gold glitter give it an exciting sparkle to help your stationery stand out. The front of the invitation is adorned with diagonal, modern gray stripes with your names printed in black. For a coordinated look, get the matching, quirky response and reception cards with the same vaudeville-style mustache and lips.

Fresh New Day – Ecru – Invitation
I love this invitation for its play on words. It features a fresh tree drawn onto the left side of the invitation with a  heart carved into it. The invitation reads “A fresh new day and it is ours a day of happy beginnings.” Just as the tree is growing anew, so is your marriage. This stationery is a fun twist on the traditional wording.

Are you and your future spouse going to opt for quirky wedding invitations? Share your thoughts with us!