Flower girls and ring bearers play important roles in the wedding day, so they deserve to be asked to take on the role in a special way. After all, these two little ones make way for the bride and hold onto something pretty special … the rings. Consider any of these unique options to pop the question:

For the flower girl…

Ask her with flowers
What girl doesn’t love getting flowers? Find out your future flower girl’s favorite color and present her with a beautiful bouquet. Attach a card to it that pops the question. Maybe real flowers aren’t the best option. Give her a Flower Girl Backpack instead. If she’s too young to understand what a flower girl is, sit her down and explain that you are getting married and want her to help out on your big day.

Send a flower-shaped dessert
If your little lady has quite the sweet tooth, send a decorative dessert her way. After all, what kid doesn’t love sweets? Surprise her with a giant cookie with the question written in icing.

Read her a picture book
In order to give your flower girl a great idea of what her role in your wedding will be, give her a picture book called “The Little Flower Girl” by Linda Tracey Brandon. This book prepares the flower girl for your nuptials. Another cute book is “Fiona the Flower Girl” by Carley Roney. This picture book is about a little flower girl and also includes a guide for parents.

Mail her rose petals
If your flower girl doesn’t live close to you, you can send her an envelope filled with rose petals, along with a note her parents can read to her about her role as the special flower girl. She can use the petals you sent her to practice!

how to ask a flower girl

For the ring bearer…

Send a T-shirt
Find out the T-shirt size of your future ring bearer and have it customized just for him. It can read “bearer of the rings” or something funny like “wedding security.”

Mail a card
You really can’t go wrong by sending a fun card to your favorite ring bearer. Chances are you won’t find many ring bearer cards at Hallmark, so you can make your own. Take this opportunity to explain the role he will have in your big day.

Use a stuffed animal
Purchase his favorite stuffed animal and put a faux ring around a part of the animal. Attach a card with it that pops the question.

How do you plan on asking your flower girl and ring bearer to be a part of your special day? Share your thoughts with us!