When it’s time to order your wedding invitations and stationery, you’ll likely need to include a set of place cards, escort cards, or both. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the interchanging terms used throughout the bridal industry for this particular cardstock. From seating card and place cards to escort sets, here’s the breakdown on what the true difference is between the two:

Escort cards
Traditionally, escort cards are used to direct guests to their tables. These cards are typically displayed on a table located at the entrance of the wedding. Guests can search for their first and last name, which is displayed on the escort card along with the number of the table at which they should sit. Most couples use escort cards rather than place cards because this organization method allows the guests to choose their own seats at the designated table.

Place cards
Instead of displaying your stationary on a table outside of the reception hall, some couples will go the extra mile and designate a specific seat for each guest using place cards. These name cards are set at each place setting at the table to assign a specific seat to each guest. It’s important to have place cards printed in large, legible font so guests can read the cards in a dimly-lit reception area.

One of the pros to using place cards includes the ability to show off your creativity and personality. By specifically designating where guests sit, you and your fiancé ultimately display how well you know your friends and family, giving them the opportunity to mingle with old and new faces who you know (or think) they get along with.

Best of both worlds
Back in the old days, couples were expected to use not one or the other, but both escort cards and place cards for their wedding. This tradition is not commonly practiced anymore, but those couples who do use the both sets of cards know that the seating arrangement for a wedding can make or break whether or not guests enjoy their meal. Know that using both types of cards can really heighten the table conversation and create a consistent energy at the table.

Which cards do you plan on using at your wedding reception? Share your thoughts with us!