Wedding invitations are a big part of your special day. They not only speak to your theme, they help to evoke the personalities of you and your future spouse too. If you can’t find stationery that you’ve fallen in love with, we have an alternative for you. How would you feel about designing your own invitations? This is nothing like making DIY wedding invitations from scratch. Instead, we help you with the process.

How it works
With this customizable design process, you design exactly what you want and we professionally print it for you so it looks as perfect as you had imagined. Maybe you would like your family crest drawn onto the invitation. You can sketch it just as you want it, and we’ll take it from there. And if you’re not artistically inclined, no worries. Just find somebody who is! I’m sure they would be happy to help you with your do it yourself wedding invitation.

You have the option of choosing from two different sizes of stationery. Design a traditional 5″ x 7″ invitation or you could go with a square alternative, which measures 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.

Customize your big day with DIY wedding invitationsThe benefits
With this process you’ll get to see your very own design printed out on all of your wedding invitations. And the best part is, you can choose the type of paper that it’s printed on. Go with recycled stationery if you’re an eco-friendly bride, or opt for a letterpress invitation, which is printed on 100 percent cotton paper for a luxurious look that’s soft to the touch.

How often do brides get to say that they designed their own wedding invitations? Probably not all that often. Spend some time working on a design that fits the theme and style of your nuptials as well as the personalities of you and your future spouse.

Tips for designing your own wedding invitations
If you’re new at this, we have a few guidelines that are going to help your invites look as professional as possible:

Err on the side of caution: Give yourself plenty of time to finish this project. Even if you think you can accomplish it within a month, make it two months instead to allow you enough time to get your design just right.

Print it out: Before you submit your design to us, it’s a good idea to print out your design and see it on paper. It may look different on the computer screen than it does printed out. This way, you can go back and fix any parts that you would like before sending it off to be professionally printed.