Photo booths have become a huge trend at weddings around the nation. Happy couples and their loved ones can’t get enough of this fun-filled part of the wedding reception. Everyone gets to take home the pictures that were captured, and have a means of recalling some of the memories that were made that night. Here are a few ways to make your photo booth at your nuptials even more exciting:

You don’t have to go to great lengths to get props for your photo booth. Invitations By Dawn has free signs and other items that you can download and print out right at home. Choose from props like glasses, lips, funny mustaches, bow ties and plenty of headwear like a crown and top hat. Download a few signs to accompany the props. With these signs, the guests can create their very own silly sentences for a unique picture.

I also love the idea of using frames as props. Create a frame to make your photos look like old Polaroids, or look for vintage frames from nearby thrift shops for people to use to give their photo booth images an antique touch.

Instead of a plain white or black background, switch things up by making your very own backdrop for the pictures. Opt for a backdrop that matches your wedding theme. For a New Year’s Eve wedding, this background made up of silvery and sparkly tassles fits the mood of the evening perfectly. Maybe your wedding was more on the rustic side. If so, you could consider a background of burlap, hay bales, chalkboard or flowers. The quirky couple may want to use a funky patterned shower curtain or drapes for a colorful background.

Posing options
For the most part, you and your wedding guests can be creative when coming up with unique poses for each picture. But if you want to give everyone a bit of inspiration, you can leave a list of fun poses to try out on the outside of the booth. Keep it generic like romantic, silly and nerdy. I love the idea of giving your guests scenarios to react to when the camera snaps their pictures. Here are a few examples:

  • Re-enact the face the bride made when her other half popped the question.
  • How did the groom act during wedding planning?
  • Act out the couple’s favorite hobby.
  • What will the groom look like in 10 years?

When the pictures print out, have your guests write the scenarios on the back of each photo. This will make them even funnier to look back on.

Do you have any more fun ideas for a wedding photo booth? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Hollin Brodeur Photography via 100 Layer Cake