Mother Nature can often provide some of the most beautiful backdrops and settings for nuptials, like a lush forest, a white sand beach, a garden filled with vibrant blooms or majestic mountains. All you need is a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains and you have yourself a stunning wedding photo. If you’re getting married in the mountains (or just wish you were), send your guests mountain wedding invitations that reflect that rustic love of nature that you and your spouse-to-be share.

Mountain InvitationsMountain Mist Invitation
There’s something so calm and serene about the mountains. These majestic elements of the Earth’s landscape are definitely not something to be ignored. You can actually feature this stunning view right on your wedding invitations, letting the beauty of the mountains do all the talking. This invite has a view of the mountains and even includes the mist that often settles at their peaks. Plus, it’s drawn in purple watercolor paint for a truly breathtaking work of art.

Sierra Splendor Invitation
I love mountains by the lake, because in the still of early morning, when the lake looks like glass, the rustic mountains are reflected right onto the water alongside snow-topped greenery and blue skies. Lucky for you, this invitation depicts just that. Your names and important wedding info are displayed on a banner overtop this gorgeous mountain view.

Rustic Reflections Invitation
This z-fold invitation has everything. It comes with intricate designs, mountainous scenery, a photo of the two of you and, of course, all of the crucial information regarding your big day. I love all of the colors used on this stationery to reflect the dazzling shades of nature. And if the mountains aren’t beautiful enough, there are swirled designs featured in the corners of the invitation, too.

Nature’s Inspiration Foil Invitation
An incredibly artistic representation of the mountains becomes a beautiful backdrop for your wording while “Forever in Love” shimmers in your choice of gold or silver foil. Your love for each other (and for the mountains) couldn’t shine brighter with any other wedding invitations. I can’t get over the striking contrast of luminous foil and muted colors — the combination is magical!