Thanks to Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, the art deco theme has taken off in the wedding industry. The structural and geometric design elements as well as the sparkle and shimmer of this motif make it a sought after wedding theme. For this art deco theme, you have to set the tone with the perfect wedding invitations. Choose your favorite from our top five art deco wedding invitations below:

1. Art Deco Arch – Ecru – 3 for 1 Invitation
The structural design at the top of this invitation takes the spotlight. The artistry of the lines and angles and the daring black color really creates an invitation that’s full of drama and glam. The shape of the card is also unique, as it comes in a long rectangular form. The names of you and your future spouse sit in the middle of the stationary and are surrounded by a bold border.

2. Art Deco Presentation – Invitation
A beige-colored scalloped design lines the top and bottom of this invitation that is enveloped in black. The back of the stationery is just as theatrical, featuring the ecru scalloped style all across the top and bottom. With this invitation, the announcement of your wedding date certainly won’t go unnoticed.

3. Extravagance – Black – Invitation
If I had to pick a favorite art deco invitation, this would probably top my list. Various shades of black dance all over the stationery in the form of geometric shapes and lines. In the middle, all of the crucial information is present, like your names, and the date and location of your nuptials. But what I really love is that your names are printed in unique, curly-cue text so that they stand out from the rest of the copy.

4. Art Deco Border – Invitation
The boxy gold and gray border on this invitation is the star of the stationary. Small scallops line the outside and highlight your wording. On the other side of the card, you’ll find the initial of your last name printed at the top. Get the matching response and reception card to complete the set.

5. Best Impression – Invitation
Colored, bold lines and angles frame your wording on this invite. The way the design is structured makes it look like an architectural masterpiece. At the top are the initials of you and your spouse-to-be. But flip the invitation over and you’ll find a beautiful gold shimmer with the same geometric lines and angles. Standing out in a bright white shade at the top is your wedding date.

How do you feel about art deco weddings? Share your thoughts with us!