Still looking for the perfect gift for the bride and groom? Or maybe you’re a bride or groom searching for a present for your future spouse. Whoever you’re buying for, I’m here to help you out by offering a few gift ideas that anyone on your list is sure to love.

A picture frame
After the bride and groom get all of their beautiful pictures back from their photographer, they’re going to want a way to put them on display. Get them a decorative frame just for their wedding pictures. This Mr. and Mrs. Black and White Wedding Frame is adorable. The newlyweds¬†can display it on their mantel in their new home, or put it on their nightstand in the bedroom as a reminder of the happy day. Surrounding the picture on the frame is the wedding date alongside words describing marriage like vows, harmony, wife, unity, matrimony and love.

If you’re a future bride and would like to surprise your spouse-to-be with a gift right before the ceremony, a picture frame is a perfect reminder of the journey that you two are about to begin. Choose a favorite photo of the two of you, and stick it in this Glitter Galore Frame that is sure to put a smile on his face.

A canvas
If you’re a groom about to take the leap into marriage, present your future bride with a gift before you say “I do.” If you both have decided that she’s going to take your last name, offer her a canvas printed with her new name that you both can hang up in your new home. This Fleur de Lis Canvas Print can be customized to feature your last name on this vintage piece of art.

Canvases also make for a great gift from family and friends. Remind the happy couple what marriage is all about with this Family Rules Canvas Print. It offers sound advice like “work hard,” “say please and thank you,” “think before speaking,” “keep your promises” and, of course, “love.”

A wedding day cross
If you and your spouse cherish your spirituality, present him or her with this Day Prayer Wedding Cross. This personalized gift reminds your other half how much you love him or her and features your names and wedding date.

Wine stopper
It’s likely that the bride and groom will have a few bottles of wine leftover from their big day. To keep the vino fresh, give them this Jeweled Bottle Stopper. It features a sparkling stack of silver beads and will be a constant reminder of their special day every time they open a bottle of wine.

Which gift would you like to receive? Share your thoughts with us!