Growing up watching Disney classics like “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid” and more, it’s no wonder us girls have such high expectations for our weddings. I mean, who wouldn’t want to marry their prince in a sparkling dress in a grand ballroom? Lucky for you, you can have a fairy tale ending just like your favorite fictional princesses. Whether you love Cinderella, Aurora or Ariel, here are a few of our top fairy tale wedding invitations for your dreamy nuptials:

1. Fairy Tale Love Invitation
This simple, chic and feminine invitation shows off pretty in pink wording with a delicate display of flowers. But the best part is the quote that is featured at the top of the card. It reads, “Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” It simply puts into words how many couples feel when they tie the knot – extremely lucky and blessed.

2. Fairy Tale Filigree Invitation
This invitation with silver and blue accents is one that Cinderella is jealous she didn’t have. The top is printed with a swirling carriage design and a circular frame that crowns your important wording. The intricate design at the top and bottom of your invitation gives off a feel of elegance and sophistication.

3. Fairy Tale Filigree Invitation – Aurora
While this is similar to the previous invitation, this card reflects the style of the Disney princess Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty. At the top of the invite, you’ll find Aurora’s castle in a swirling pink design. Coordinate your invitation with a matching response and reception card that offers the same beautiful pattern.

4. Princess Dreams Invitation – Aurora
Princess Aurora is a pretty popular girl when it comes to wedding invitations. This particular stationery looks like it was designed specifically for a Disney film. The tea-length card is backed by a pink layer crowned with an embossed, tiara-shaped cutout (which is perfect if you plan on wearing a tiara down the aisle). You also have the option to accent your invitations with rhinestones for that signature fairy-tale sparkle.

5. Mermaid Treasures Invitation – Ariel
Can’t choose between beach nuptials and a fairy-tale wedding? Well, you don’t have to! This invitation combines both themes in a beautiful way. It has a stunning ombre color, starting with shimmering aqua and fading into purple. At the bottom you’ll find two white starfish, hand in hand.

Which fairy-tale invitation is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!