From ordering your tuxedo to choosing your groomsmen, there’s a lot the groom has to think about. But unfortunately, it’s easy to procrastinate on these items, much like you did that 10-page paper in college. Don’t worry – I’m here to help. I’ve constructed the ultimate month-to-month groom’s checklist so that you finish everything on time.

12 months

Choose groomsmen: This is when you figure out who you want standing next to you when you exchange vows.
Register for gifts: It may seem crazy, but even this early people will start buying you gifts. So in order to get what you want, register at a few stores so that your uncle doesn’t re-gift you the dirty coffee maker he bought back in the 70s.

9 months

Compile the guest list: Think about your family and friends, and who would want at your wedding and who you would rather leave off the list.
Book the music talent: If you’re in charge of music, this is the time to either book a DJ or a live band so that you don’t get stuck with a Hanson impersonator at the last minute.

6 months

Check your passport: If you and your future spouse are planning on jet setting out of the country for your honeymoon, you might want to make sure your passport is up to date.
Arrange transportation: Would you rather leave your wedding on a horse or in a Lamborghini? Now’s the time to decide.

3 months

Figure out your attire: Decide to either rent or buy tuxedos for you and your groomsmen.
Order your wedding rings: It’s fairly crucial that you have a ring with you by the time your bride reaches the altar. This is when you should get measurements for your rings and order them
Send out wedding invitations: Hopefully your guest list is finalized by now, because it’s time to send out the invitations.

6 weeks

Buy your spouse a wedding gift: Really put some thought into this one. It doesn’t have to be super expensive – just make sure it’s memorable.
Groomsmen gift: Search for the perfect gifts for your best group of guys. Consider something like personalized flasks, watches or cigars.
Pick up the rings: When you pick them up, immediately put them in a safe spot. You don’t want your pet accidentally swallowing them the day of the wedding.

1 week

Regroup: Get together with your groomsmen to make sure they all have their suits and that they all fit appropriately. Then make sure everyone is familiar with the date and hour of the rehearsal dinner so that each guy can shave and get a haircut in time.

Are there any groom responsibilities we left out? Share your thoughts with us!