Christmas is a very popular time to tie the knot, and it’s no mystery why. There’s something so magical and romantic about this time of year. There’s just a feeling in the air of excitement, love and happiness – three things you definitely want in the atmosphere at your wedding! Plus, the combination of a lit-up Christmas tree and the vibrant colors of red, green, silver and gold provides the perfect romantic photo opportunity. If its always been your dream to say “I do” during the holidays, get inspired by this festive wedding decor:

Wedding bouquet
Use the beauty of nature to create your floral ensemble. Crisp white blooms combined with a mixture of pine tree branches, pine cones and red berries provide the perfect palette of Christmas colors that will grab everyone’s attention as you walk down the aisle.

Reception table decor
Light up your tables using old wine bottles and twinkling lights. For this DIY project, you’ll have to gather a few empty bottles and wash them inside and out with hot, soapy water. Carefully drill a hole 1 to 2 inches up from the bottom of each bottle and use a single-plug strand of 20 to 25 lights. Feed the non-plug end into the drilled hole, leaving a length of cord extending from the opening.

Christmas tree guest book
Instead of the traditional guest book, how about using a Christmas tree? As your loved ones come in, they can grab a blank ornament and write their well wishes on it. Then they all hang their messages on the tree to create a beautiful Christmas display that you can take home with you.

Bright red shoes
Incorporate some holiday color into your bridal ensemble by wearing bright red pumps or flats. You could also wrap a red sash around your gown for a pop of festive color.

Line the aisle
To make your entrance even more breathtaking, line your aisle with bold red poinsettias – a festive holiday plant.

Stringed lights
Use twinkling lights everywhere, seriously. Wrap them around trees, hang them from the ceiling, combine them with tulle and use that as your ceremony backdrop. Holiday lights give off such a warm and welcoming glow, perfect for a wedding.

Holiday-themed photo booth
If you’re opting to have a photo booth at your wedding, supply your guests with festive props like a Rudolph nose, antlers, Santa hats, elf ears and more.

Would you consider having a Christmas wedding? Share your thoughts with us!