Some people are very outgoing, and have no problem striking up a conversation with complete strangers. This is often necessary for a bachelorette party, because some scavenger hunts require you to talk to random people and either get them to buy you a drink or maybe ask them for a random ridiculous object that you maybe don’t feel so awesome about asking for. So what are the introverts to do? There are lots of people who are shy, but who’s to say that should stop them from having a great time? Here are a few amazing ideas for a bachelorette party for the quieter brides:

Yoga isn’t just a method of getting in shape, it’s also a perfect and unique way to start off your bachelorette party celebration or wind down from the big party. And it’s actually more common than you think. Many yoga studios offer classes for bridal parties where everyone can enjoy a relaxing session with their closest friends. You could also start with yoga, then head to the spa for massages or maincures and toast to the bride with some champagne and dinner.

At-home margarita bar
Sometimes nothing beats a night in with your girls. An at-home margarita bar is the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with a few cocktails and all of your best friends. There are so many variations of margaritas available today, so why not set up a build-your-own margarita bar? This way, everyone gets what they want. Accompany it with a few festive appetizers like nachos or quesadillas, and you’re ready to go. Now you just have to decide, do you want to dress up or stick with sweatpants for an ultra-comfortable night in?

Hot air balloon ride
For a truly special event, how about making a memory with your best friends that none of you will ever forget? Just imagine being up in the air with your favorite people, enjoying an hour of spectacular views and clear, beautiful skies. Just make sure nobody in your group is deathly afraid of heights.

Canvas and cocktails
Ever wish you could be an artist? Well, with canvas and cocktails, you can be. Even the most paintbrush-shy people are guaranteed to leave with a beautiful canvas. This growing trend is known as “social painting.” Instructors provide you and your group with easy, step-by-step instructions so that you can create your own unique masterpiece while still having a great time with your girls, reminiscing and sipping on cocktails as you paint.

Which bachelorette party idea is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!