Hiring a photographer to capture the memories of your big day is often a no-brainer for most couples. This way, you have tangible moments you can look back on long after your wedding day has passed. But what about a videographer? It turns out, doling out the extra cash to have your nuptials on video may be worth it.

You can re-live your wedding
By having a video of your wedding from start to finish, you can re-live it everyday if you want to. Of course pictures can tell a story too, but you can’t beat seeing the moment when your spouse first saw you as you made your grand entrance. You can also remember all of the funny moments, like your uncle’s dance moves or your maid of honor’s amazing speech. You can’t put a price on re-living your wedding day over and over again.

Catch what you miss
Ask any bride or groom – the day of your wedding absolutely flies by. You can’t be everywhere at once, and because this day is so important, you don’t want to miss a single detail. By having a video, you can view everything from cocktail hour to dancing. You get to see what everyone else was doing while you were off gazing into your new spouse’s eyes (and you’d be surprised what people do when they forget they’re being filmed).

Have a soundtrack
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a soundtrack for every moment of your life? Well for your wedding day, you can! You can have your videographer edit and put the final version of your wedding video to a song or songs of your choice. This makes all of the memories that you’re seeing on screen even more memorable.

High quality
Hiring a videographer means you’ll be getting the highest quality video. It won’t be like the time your dad used the family video camera to capture your birthday, then accidentally set it on the kitchen table and left it on for three hours. You’ll be getting breathtaking, vivid moments that you simply can’t produce using a regular old camera. Your wedding video will be professionally edited exactly the way you want it, giving you a┬ápersonalized story that reflects you and your spouse.

You can share it
If you have friends or family that couldn’t make the wedding, you can share the video with them later so that they have a way of living through the experience. And if you have grandchildren down the line, you can show them the day their grandparents tied the knot.

Photo credit: Trent Bailey Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings