Cranberry is the perfect shade for fall and winter. It’s no wonder this rich tone is used throughout many holiday decorations – it’s romantic, bold and packed full of personality. It can be combined with virtually any shade for an unforgettable wedding color palette. Here are a few unique ways to fit the hue into your nuptials:

Wedding invitations
Make it known that you’ve settled on this lovely color as part of your wedding theme. This Leafy Accents – Invitation can be printed in a bright cranberry hue on top of ecru stationery to reflect the warm feel of the fall and winter seasons. The delicate leaves add a simple touch of natural beauty (and are perfect for autumn) to your names and wording.

The best thing about cranberry is that the color goes a long way. It doesn’t take much for it to stand out and really make a statement. Take the sweet confection on our style board, for example. You have a simple, white two-tiered cake. Each layer is topped with a handful of cranberries evenly spread throughout the dessert. Not only do they provide texture and taste, but the splash of color also produces a visibly delicious sweet treat.

Bridal shoes
Provide a stark contrast of bold color against your white gown with some cranberry colored shoes. Whether you rock heels, flats or wedges, this is a color that always works. Look for feminine accents on the shoes like rhinestone buckles or chic bows. Try a dramatic shade of cranberry lipstick on your pout to pull the whole look together.

You can have your girls rock this bold hue as well, whether it’s through their dresses, flowers, shoes or jewelry. For a modern look among your bridal party, talk with your girls about wearing high-waisted cranberry colored skirts instead of dresses. Look for skirts with plenty of chic embellishments like beading for a beautiful ensemble perfect for the holiday season.

Place settings Cranberry colored napkins coordinate perfectly with crisp white dishes for a bright and cheerful place setting.

Floral arrangements
Whether it’s for your bouquet, your bridesmaids’ arrangements or the centerpieces on your reception tables, the deep color and the fruit can be integrated into all three. Weave in cranberry hued flowers with plenty of greenery and contrasting shades. For an extra touch of the bold hue, add actual cranberries to your arrangements for an accent of color and texture. Having your bridal party wear skirts and shirts allows you plenty of versatility – there are so many ways you can mix and match to make it your own.

Will you be using cranberry in your nuptials? Share your thoughts with us!