Small weddings have become more and more popular over the years. For many couples, deciding on a having a micro-wedding is a tough choice because there are so many people that support and love them.

Typically, we advise couples to only invite wedding guests to pre-wedding celebrations such as your wedding shower and bachelorette party. However…if you’re having a very small wedding, with just a few witnesses, it’s perfectly acceptable to celebrate with friends and family who won’t be at the wedding.

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How to Word Bridal Shower Invitations if Guests Aren’t Invited to the Wedding

If you’re throwing a bridal shower and inviting people who aren’t invited to the wedding, be transparent and upfront about this. It’s an excellent way to communicate that the couple is having a small wedding and avoid hurt feelings.

Here’s a great example of how to word a bridal shower for a family-only wedding:

Megan and Trevor will be married
in a small, family-only ceremony
please join us to celebrate and
shower her with love!
May 4th at 1:00pm
492 Oak Street
Hosted by: Savannah and Miriam
RSVP to  

And here’s a way to word a bridal shower invitation if the couple eloped:

Sarah and Matthew Eloped!
Please join us for a Bridal Shower
to celebrate their love
04.14.22 | 11:00am
The Tea House
143 Main Street
Edina, Minnesota
RSVP to Alyssa: 612-342-9321

How to Word Bachelorette Party Invitations if You’re Having a Small Wedding

Even if you’re having a small wedding, or having a destination wedding with a tiny guest list, you might still want to have a bachelorette bash with all your besties. And regardless of if they’re coming to the wedding, they’ll want to party with you!

Here are a couple examples of how to word your Bachelorette party invites when you’re having a micro-sized wedding:

The Fling Before The Ring!
Vanessa and Robert
are having a tiny wedding
but we’re throwing a
mega-huge bachelorette party!
Join us on September 8th at 8pm
Meet at Henry’s on 10th Street
Text your RSVP to Isa at 392-221-2434 by 9/2 

And here’s a way to word a bachelorette party invitation if the bride has eloped:

Our Girl Got Married!
Priva and Sam Eloped
On September 4th and
we’re gonna celebrate with a
Bachelorette Party!
Join us on June 14th at 6pm
at Mario’s
172 East Plano Drive
RSVP to Sunni:

We hope this wording advice was helpful! If you have any extra questions about wedding stationery etiquette, our experts are here to help.