There are many more options than steak or fish when it comes to your wedding menu. In fact, you can opt for cuisine that matches your wedding location. Certain geographical areas have specific dishes that they’re known for, so why not share that with your guests?

For your southern or coastal nuptials, consider any of these delicious options:

Shrimp/crawfish boil: Enjoy a taste of the sea with a shrimp or crawfish boil. The seafood can be paired with all the right fixings, like homemade sausage, corn and potatoes.

Oysters: Getting married on the coast means you can take advantage of all the fresh seafood. Oysters are a crowd favorite, and you can offer your guests an oyster bar, equipped with cocktail sauce and decorated with strands of pearls.

Barbecue: There’s nothing more southern than a good ol’ fashioned barbecue. An outdoor reception filled with plenty of lawn games and, of course, your favorite meats doused in barbecue sauce, will be a party that nobody will forget. Serve beer in mason jars for a touch of the South.

This destination is known for its massive and delicious pig roasts. Transform your wedding reception into a tropical luau, offering your loved ones all the pork they can eat.

When visiting the southwest, you can’t leave without a taste of tacos. A taco bar lets your guests put together their own Southwestern creations. Put out a few different meats, like carne asada, chicken, ground beef and steak, and, of course, the extras, like cilantro, lime, avocado, cheese, onion, salsa, sour cream and rice and beans.

Love the idea of a food truck? You can also opt for a food truck that serves a variety of tacos for your guests to enjoy.

New York/Jersey Shore
For your New York or Jersey Shore wedding, stay simple with hot dogs. Guests can garnish their own with a hot dog bars. This way, they can create a New York-style dog and the picky eaters can keep it simple with just ketchup and mustard.

Chicago is, of course, infamous for its mouthwatering deep dish pizza, equipped with a thick buttery, flaky crust and plenty of gooey cheese. I’m sure your guests couldn’t say no to this delicacy. This option accommodates both meat-eaters and vegetarians. You can even put the pizzas on display using a cake tier.

Will you be enjoying the local fare at your wedding reception? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Weddings A Beautiful