Maybe you had a falling out with a friend, or maybe one of your guests broke up with his or her boyfriend or girlfriend and you no longer want to invite their other half. But what happens if you already sent out the invitations? Is it OK to withdraw your invite?

Many wedding etiquette experts agree that although you may not want a certain person attending your nuptials anymore, wedding invitations shouldn’t be recalled. Once your cards go out in the mail, they’re out. Be sure to carefully comb through your guest list before you mail them to your loved ones. Here are a few people that you aren’t obligated to invite to your wedding:

Your boss
Think about it, what’s more awkward: Not inviting your boss or having your boss at your wedding? You don’t have to send an invite to him or her, especially if nobody else from work will be attending.

Distant relatives
There’s no rule that you have to invite your Great Aunt Sally whom you haven’t seen or spoken to since you were 7 years old. You want people there that know you well and that you know well.

You may live next door to one another, but that doesn’t mean your neighbors automatically reserve a spot on your guest list. It may be customary to invite neighbors, but now it’s far less common. Don’t feel bad about leaving them off the list.

Plus ones
Many etiquette experts say that any single person over the age of 18 can get a plus one, while others say that you’re only required to give a plus one if the guest is cohabitating with a partner. If you’re sticking to a smaller wedding, you’re not obligated to offer a plus one invite – it’s up to you!

If one less-than-desirable guest does get through the cracks, try any of the following to avoid awkward encounters on your big day:

If you did have a falling out with a friend or a family member, it’s best to try to make up with that person before the day of your wedding. After all, your wedding should be the start of your happy ending and not filled with fights and stress.

If you’re worried about two family or friends that don’t get along particularly well, try to trust that they are much more interested in seeing you happy and having your wedding go well than fighting during the reception. You could also consider talking to the two parties beforehand to try to eliminate any tension.

Do you have any tips for dealing with unwanted wedding guests? Share your thoughts with us!