When it comes time for you and your best guys to head out for a night on the town, you have to make sure you’re ready. After all, you have to make your last night as a single guy a memorable one. Here are some necessities that will make for a bachelor party you’ll be talking about for a long time:

Shot glasses
Every guy needs their own shot glass – especially the groom-to-be. This White Ceramic “Stag Groom” Shot Glass is personalized with your name. This way, every guy knows which shot glass to keep filling up. And the groomsmen can have similar glasses – one for the best man and the others for the rest of the wedding party.

This is an obvious one – after all, what else are you going to put in your shot glasses? While beerĀ or liquor always work, try switching things up for this special occasion. No expense is too large when it come to refreshments – don’t be afraid to splurge for the top shelf stuff.

Amazing food
Nothing pairs better with drinks than a lot of food. In fact, more and more guys are focusing their bachelor party around food more than anything else. One groom celebrated this event at Alinea in Chicago. He and his friends enjoyed a 25-course tour, which was a tasting menu that lasted late into the night and included a king crab presentation that everyone is still talking about. Even in Sin City, restaurants have played host to plenty of “stag” parties where men indulge in hearty meals fit for a king.

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition and putting their money on the line? Work some gambling into the night, whether it’s a game of poker or betting the best man that he can’t buy six different girls a drink by the time they leave the bar.

An embarrassing T-shirt
Make sure that everyone recognizes you as the groom-to-be by rocking a T-shirt you probably wouldn’t be able to pull off on any other night, like this Men’s Blue Retro Tuxedo T-shirt. You’ll certainly stand out from the rest of your guys.

Give you wedding party something to remember the night by after all those shots, whether it’s a personalized flask, tickets to a sporting event, a baseball cap or even just a hangover kit for the morning after. Your groomsmen might be more grateful for some Advil than anything else.

What other essentials are necessary for a memorable bachelor party? Share your thoughts with us!