You can still integrate the Disney theme in your wedding day without showing up in a horse-drawn carriage and wearing glass slippers. There are plenty of small ways to have a wedding that’s elegant, but still shows your love of Disney.

Princess hair cut-outs
If you’re having a photo booth at your wedding, consider giving your guests a few Disney props to play with. These hair cut-outs of Belle, Snow White, Ariel and Cinderella transform any of your loved ones into a Disney princess in no time. It’s a fun and playful way to get your guests involved in the wedding theme and provides hilarious photos to look back on.

Integrate a few fun classic Disney songs into your wedding reception. We challenge anyone not to sing along to “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from “The Lion King” or “Be Our Guest” from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Color palette
Even if you don’t have a Disney-themed wedding per say, you can still incorporate Disney colors into your special day. One couple based their nuptials around the movie “Up,” and used bold and bright colors in the bouquet and on the bride’s nails.

A Mickey Mouse engagement ring
That’s right, you can have Mickey on your ring, ladies. But this is a very subtle version of your favorite mouse. Three diamonds come together to form this favorite Disney character.

Toy Story-inspired shoes
In the hit Disney-Pixar film, “Toy Story,” all of Andy’s toys have his name written on the bottom of their shoes to make sure everyone knows whose toys they are. Well, you can do the same with your wedding shoes! But instead of writing Andy, jot down the name of your spouse, like this happy couple did.

Rose centerpiece
Remember the beautiful, enchanting and not-to-be-touched rose from “Beauty and the Beast?” You can recreate this same centerpiece for your reception tables. Place a single pink rose on the table under a clear glass vase. In order to get the rose to stand up straight, stand it on a wooden base with a drilled hole to hold your bloom in place.

Guest book
On the front of your guest book, write “Be our guest.” Is there a more perfect Disney phrase for this wedding essential?

Disneyland ticket escort cards
To guide your guests to their tables, offer them escort cards that resemble a ticket you would get if you went to Disneyland for the day. Each reception table can be assigned a different ride from the theme park.

How are you planning on incorporating a Disney theme into your nuptials? Share your thoughts with us!