When you send out your wedding invitations, there are a few other items tucked into that fancy envelope: your reception and response cards. You could stick with the traditional wording to get the news across to guests, or you could spice up the message on your enclosure cards with fun and creative sayings. Here are a few ideas for your wedding stationery:

For your reception cards…

If you and your partner share a strong bond based on your faith, a reception card adorned with a stained glass, colorful cross would be perfect. But just because you opt for a more traditional reception card doesn’t mean the wording has to follow suit. Try something like “Dinner, Dancing and Merriment immediately following the ceremony.”

Many couples are outdoor enthusiasts and can’t get enough of the beauty of nature. Choose a reception card that reflects that passion with this Rustic Reflections card. Keep the wording as simple and beautiful as the mountains in the background: “Eat, Drink, Dance.”

For the vintage bride and groom, stick with this ecru reception card with adorable mason jars printed at the bottom and a heart separating the title from the wording below. Such a simple design deserves simple text to go along with it. Consider a line that is short, sweet and to the point, like “Dine, Dance, Celebrate.”

For your response cards…

Sports fanatics
Maybe you and your better half met at a baseball game, or maybe the two of you just can’t get enough of America’s favorite pastime. Either way, this Love for Baseball Response Card doesn’t get any more perfect. Customize your cards with wording that reflects the sport like, “Will be there ready to play,” or “Will have to sit this game out.”

Get in touch with your inner cowgirl or cowboy with this perfectly woodsy and western response card. But it wouldn’t truly be a western card without suitable language to accompany the theme. Try something fun and full of personality like “Heck yeah!” or “Bummer, can’t make it!”

For the hipster couple, a reception card with a silhouette of a funky hairstyle and bulky glasses couldn’t be more on trend. Opt for wording that matches the hipster vibe with something like “We await your R.S.V.P.” Then, when the guests mark down their response, they have the option to choose any of the following:

Accepts with pleasure
Declines with regret
Accepts with regret
Declines with pleasure

The wording offers a silly and fun vibe that guests will love filling out.

Are you choosing traditional wording or going with something that suits your personality or wedding style? Share your thoughts with us!