If you’re still trying to determine where to go for your honeymoon, how about choosing a location that fits your personality as a couple? Here are a few common honeymoon destinations and what they say about you:

Relaxation focused
Those laid-back couples looking for serenity and romance may want to head to a white sandy beach with turquoise waters lapping up on shore. You and your loved one are likely looking for relaxation and a place to ditch any responsibilities. Your focus is to soak up as much romance and bliss as you can, whether you’re sipping a Mai Tai or sunbathing on the beach.

Adventure fanatics
If you’re jet setting off to a destination like Costa Rica, you’re a couple that loves adventure. From zip lines to surfing gnarly waves, Costa Rica is the perfect getaway for couples who can’t get enough adventure. If you’re someone who loves to stay active, Greenough, Mont., may be another perfect honeymoon destination. This adult-only campground features romantic canvas tents, plush bedding, gourmet cuisine and even a camping butler. So when you’re not hiking the trails, you can sit back and relax.

City slickers
Some couples just can’t get enough of city life. If that sounds like you and your spouse, consider flying off to Tokyo. From holy temples and magnificent museums to a beautiful skyline, Tokyo is bound to give you an unforgettable experience. The Park Hyatt Tokyo has amazing views of the bustling city.

Hopeless romantics
You and your spouse are incurable romantics if you’re headed off to spend your honeymoon in total seclusion. You may be fleeing to a cottage on the beach, a cabin in the woods or a cabana in the Maldives. Turn off your cell phones, unplug the TV and spend some one-on-one time as newlyweds.

Kids at heart
If you still enjoy going to Chuck E. Cheese, playing Mario Kart or love to go laser tagging, you’re still a kid at heart. The perfect honeymoon destination for you and your better half would be at a Walt Disney World resort. You can hop on as many rides as you would like and interact with the characters.

Dedicated to service
It may not be a typical honeymoon destination, but those couples who are dedicated to helping others sometimes visit countries that are in need of help. You could assist with the aftermath of a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe. Some couples opt to travel to Africa to perform missionary work or stay close to home and work with Habitat for Humanity to build new homes.

Does your honeymoon destination fit your personality? Share your thoughts with us!