As a bride, there is a lot to remember, which is why you likely have an organizational system put in place, like a phone organizer, alerts on your computer or a big binder with plenty of colorful tabs. But your bridesmaids have a lot to remember too – like the date of fittings, the time of the rehearsal dinner and theme ideas for the bachelorette party. Give them a hand in staying organized throughout the wedding planning process all the way to the day of the nuptials with these helpful tips:

A notebook
Head to your local office supply store and pick up a few spiral notebooks (you can even choose ones based on your wedding style). Label each notebook with the name of the bridesmaid and fill in notes about the dates, times, locations and duties. This will keep everyone well informed on everything that’s going on and minimize the chance that one of the girls will miss an important date or time.

Note cards
On the day of the wedding, it’s likely that certain bridesmaids will have different tasks. If you’re worried about them forgetting about their duties, print out any info in short bullet points on a 3-by-5-inch note card for each bridesmaid, just in case. Even if they don’t end up using them, you’ll feel better knowing that your bridesmaids are sure of their responsibilities on your big day.

Google Docs
Thank goodness for technology – it can help keep everyone organized, even if nobody is in the same place, making it easy for your bridesmaids to attend meetings. To use Google Docs, go to your Gmail account and click “Drive” on the top of the page. Click “create document” and share any documents you want with your bridesmaids. Have separate sheets: one for dress fitting times and locations, one for bachelorette party ideas, one for the rehearsal dinner and so on. You can simply add the emails of the bridesmaids on each document and more than one person can add to the doc at one time. On the top left of the screen, there is even a spot to chat with whoever the page is shared with.

This option is perfect for the bridesmaid who can’t put her phone down – she will always be reminded of important duties when they slip her mind.

How are you planning on keeping your bridesmaids organized? Share your thoughts with us!