Whether you’re having a large or a small wedding, it’s likely that some kids are going to tag along. If you’re opting to have little ones at your event, you’re going to have to be the one responsible for keeping them occupied throughout the day. But don’t worry, you have plenty of options. From goodie bags to board games, the kids will be just as preoccupied as you are. Here are some simple ideas to keep the children busy on your special day:

Board games and puzzles
From Candy Land and Trouble to jigsaw puzzles and Mr. Potato Head, there are plenty of games to offer your little guests that they will love. Set up a designated area with a few kid-friendly tables and chairs and have a game at each one. They can pick and choose what to play throughout the ceremony or reception.

An activity center
Kids are a never ending source of energy, so let them release some of that with an activity station. You can rent or borrow Ping-Pong tables, air hockey, a basketball, Twister, hula-hoops, a Nerf ball, jump ropes and more. If you’re tying the knot at a hotel or country club, they might even have these items right on the grounds.

Hire a professional
What better way to keep kids occupied than to hire a professional? From clowns to magicians, there are a variety of choices. Other great ideas include a fortune teller, face painter, caricature artist, comedian, impersonator or a fake tattoo artist. It’s an easy way to keep the kids happy and entertained for a long period of time.

An “I Spy” Scavenger Hunt
Keep the little ones occupied with a fun and unique scavenger hunt. Make a list of common items they need to find like something blue, a dessert, a high-heeled shoe, a white dress, a bouquet of flowers, a beautiful bow, fancy jewelry, a flickering candle and more!

An arts and crafts area
Keeping the children at your wedding entertained can be as simple as setting up an arts and crafts area. Download printable coloring pages and put out tubs of crayons, markers or colored pencils. You can also offer craft supplies for them to make something unique, like foam stickers, pipe cleaners and tulle. The little ones will be so proud of what they made!

Do you have any other ideas for keeping the kids occupied during a wedding? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: GrayCloudPrint