When it comes to attire for the day of the wedding, the groom’s style is pretty straightforward – you slip on a tuxedo or a suit and you’re ready to go. But if you’re getting ready to take engagement photos, it can be a bit more unclear as to what you’re supposed to wear. Fear no more, I have all the style tips you need to know about prepping for this photo shoot with your future spouse:

A polo
If you’re looking for a casual summer look, a polo is perfect. But there are a few rules to this collared favorite. Stick to a solid color – not a distracting pattern. Opt for a bold hue and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you’re not sure about a particular shade, ask your fiance​e! Or your mom – she knows best. You can wear a polo with either shorts or pants – whichever you would be most comfortable in.

A vest
Aladdin really did know what he was doing wearing that purple vest. He set a hot trend that has taken off in the wedding industry. OK, maybe Aladdin didn’t start it, but regardless, a vest is great for engagement shoots because it can be dressed up or down. Rock it without a jacket and add a tie or bow​ tie for the finishing touch. Whether it’s black, gray or patterned, you can’t go wrong with this style staple.

A button-down
If you’re preparing for an autumn photo shoot, consider bringing along a flannel or plaid button-down. This creates a casual look and can be coordinated with a nice pair of dark wash jeans or some corduroys to dress it up a little bit. Just make sure that the shirt you picked out fits correctly. You don’t want to be wearing the button-down you got during sophomore year of high school – it’s likely a bit too snug.

A blazer
A blazer is essential to bring along to your engagement photo shoot. Not only is it comfortable, it can also work for a classy picture as well as one with a more casual tone. Match it with a shirt that is free of any bold patterns and stick with a solid color.


Consider the season
You don’t want to be wearing a T-shirt when it’s nearing the middle of autumn. But if it’s almost summertime, you probably want to steer clear of sweaters.

Bring multiple outfits
You may not be used to wearing multiple outfits throughout the day, but for this particular occasion, you’ll want to bring one dressy ensemble and one that’s casual.

Do you have more style inspiration for other men preparing for engagement pictures? Share your thoughts with us!