One of the most traditional ways of ensuring that you get time to talk with all of your wedding guests on your big day is through a receiving line. But if you’re not having a traditional wedding, you don’t have to stick to the common way of doing things. Here are a few unique ways to greet all of your loved ones on your special day:

Greet them at reception tables
If you’re the bride or groom, we know your wedding guests won’t mind being interrupted during their delicious reception dinner. Go arm and arm with your partner around your venue, getting the chance to fit in a brief “hello” and “thank you for coming” to each of your loved ones. And if you’re attached to your better half, it makes it clear that your personal space is already taken up with him or her, meaning no guests will be hanging onto you. This is also a less formal option than a receiving line.

Serve dessert
Dessert tables are extremely popular among today’s weddings. Whether it’s filled with cake, pie, cupcakes, cookies or macaroons, guests will have the opportunity to come to the table and grab whatever sweets they would like to take back to their table. But instead of the guests serving themselves, you and your new partner can play the role of servers for a bit. This allows you to interact with everyone for a brief moment individually.

Bring your guests to you
While you and your new spouse are sitting down at the head table, have the DJ send each group over one by one to see and chat with the happy couple. You can rest assured that guests won’t be up there too long since the DJ will be dismissing tables to make sure each friend or family member gets time with the bride and groom.

Host a cocktail reception
Before your ceremony even starts, begin your special day by chatting with some of the most important people in your life. Take just an hour to welcome your friends and family and start off the celebration with a few cocktails.

Dismiss your loved ones
After you and your better half tie the knot, have your guests remain in their seats. You both can go through the venue and dismiss your guests row by row, presenting the opportunity to chat with everyone before the reception even begins. It may be more time consuming, but your guests will appreciate being thought of and be elated that they got the chance to spend some time with you and your partner.

How do you plan to greet your wedding guests? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: via Pink Cupcake Weddings