No, your unique wedding gift isn’t from a secret admirer. Instead, it’s likely from a mystery guest who accidentally forgot to attach a card. It happens all the time, after all, we’re all human. Or maybe the card simply got lost among the wedding shuffle. Whatever the reason, the trouble is that now you can’t properly thank the lovely guest that sent you that gift. Here are a few ways to go about tracking down that no-named guest:

Check with the store
Whether registered with one or a few stores, they might be able to tell you who bought what. They should have the purchase on file and be able to tell you the information you’re looking for.

If your guest didn’t buy the gift through the registry, checking with the store won’t necessarily help. Therefore, you could send out a mass email to all of your wedding guests with a description of the gifts that don’t have a name attached to them. This way, the guests that didn’t attach their name to the gift can send you a separate email telling you who it is from. If the gifts are hard to describe, simply take a photo of them and attach that picture to the email so that there’s no (or at least less) confusion of who bought what.

Play sleuth
Get organized and make a list of all the guests and who gave you what. Look through the names you don’t have a gift from and try to figure it out from there. If you had a big wedding, that narrows the list down immensely. Talk to family and friends – if they’re close with that particular guest, they may be able to help you out and find out which gift they got you.

How would you plan on solving this mystery wedding gift issue? Share your thoughts with us!