Your wedding program is essentially a tour guide for your guests. It lets them know what to expect and when so that everything can go smoothly for your big day. While you can totally stick with the traditional route when it comes to including the details in your program, the personalities of you and your spouse-to-be are really what is going to make your wedding special. Here are a few fun and unique ideas that you can include in your program:

First things first
Before deciding what to put in your program, you’ll first need to choose one that reflects the theme of your nuptials. If you’re going to be an autumn bride, you’ll love this Chalkboard Autumn – Program. With a background of chalkboard, red and gold leaves fall below your choice of photo and fun wording. When guests open it up, they’ll see twigs and brilliantly colored leaves draped along the inside fold of the program, adding the perfect splash of color.

Crossword puzzle
When your guests are waiting for you to make your entrance down the aisle, they can keep themselves busy with a love-themed crossword puzzle in their program. Choose words that pertain to your big day, the names of your wedding party or fun facts about your relationship with your better half.

Who said your wedding program had to be text only? Switch things up and include illustrations instead. Bridal Guide suggested using bridal party silhouettes, which have a timeless appeal. Think of it as a diagram of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This way, guests will know who is who when everyone standing up at the altar.

Order of events
Of course, it’s important to keep your guests on track and aware of what’s going on. The order of events can include the officiate’s name, musical selections, the names of the bride and groom, lyrics, readings and the those who will be reading them, etc. If you’re having a religious ceremony, it’s a good idea to include a brief explanation of any traditions or rituals that will be occurring during the ceremony.

Fun facts
Give your guests some light reading by including some fun facts, whether they’re about your relationship with your future spouse or about the bridal party. This is another area where you can really let your personality shine.

What else are you going to include in your wedding program? Share your thoughts with us!