The wedding cake has been a staple in traditional weddings for years. It’s the main focal point that guests look to once they enter the reception hall and often reflects the wedding theme, filled with texture, color and pattern. But if you’re still not sure which style to choose for your big day, here are the top trends of 2013:

All about texture
Ruffled fondant is all the rage at weddings this year. The interesting layering effect and the delicate swoops of the frosting can form to make a pattern, whether it’s stripes or flowers. Each look is unique in its own way. These kinds of cakes often don’t need much more color or embellishments to make the confection stand out.

As far as colors go, ombre takes the cake (get it?). Ombre, otherwise known as fading color, is often combined with textured cakes, used with everything from fondants to buttercream. The great part about ombre is that it’s easy to fit with the wedding color palette you have picked out. It gradually goes through all of the shades of the color you have picked. From brilliant blues to sunny yellows, ombre can pull off anything.

Mixed patterns
Gone are the days when wedding cakes were all one color and texture. Mixed patterns, like stripes, dots and Chevron are coming together to create a confection that stands apart from the others. The patterns don’t clash – instead, the colors and designs come together for an awe-inspiring spectacle that is almost too beautiful to cut into.

Sweet shimmer
The bride’s ring isn’t the only thing that can sparkle on her wedding day. Cakes with shimmer are gaining popularity in 2013. Metallic hues like gold, silver and bronze add a touch of decadence, while a glitter-like effect injects glamour into your big day.

Hand painted
If your cake is the centerpiece of your reception, consider a hand painted cake. They are spectacularly beautiful, and make an eye-catching centerpiece at weddings. It’s more than a cake – it’s a true piece of art.

Macaroon detailing
Macaroons are another popular sweet treat among the wedding industry, but they have just recently been paired with cakes. Have a rainbow of macaroons climb up each tier of your cake for a splash of color and texture, or have them line the bottom of your confection. Macaroons can be made in a variety of styles and flavors, so they’re easy to match with any cake flavor your choose.

Which cake trend will you be showing off at your wedding? Share your thoughts with us!