If you and your future spouse are outdoor enthusiasts, you might love the idea of a camouflage wedding. It’s a unique way to celebrate the beginning of your journey through life together and reflects your passions. However, it may not be as easy figuring out how to incorporate the wedding theme into your nuptials. Here are a few ways to sneak in some camo in a creative way:

Wedding invitations
Give your guests a sneak peak of the theme with this Romantic Camo – Moss Green – Invitation. This invite signifies that your hunt for love has ended and you’re excited to invite your friends and family to your nature, or even military-inspired wedding. Your elegant wording is surrounded by splashes of varying shades of green. If you prefer, you can even get this invite in pink!

Beer coolers
Keep your guests’ beers nice and cold while staying on theme with these Mr. and Mrs. Camo Can Coolers. The women’s can be pink camo, while the men can opt for the green one with bright orange text. Keep a few of these for yourself so you can celebrate the big day in the years to come with a few cold ones.

If you don’t want to rock a camouflage dress, how about sporting a bit of the theme underneath your gown? Your garter is a sneaky way to fit in the theme and the boys will love it when the groom tosses it for one lucky man to catch.

An easy and subtle way to incorporate the theme into your big day is with camouflage napkins. Pair them with green table linens for a coordinated look without overdoing it.

Wedding cake
Keep it simple with your tiered confection – take a note from this beautiful camo wedding cake found on Pinterest. A white base with strips of camo around each tier and some natural greenery draped down the sides makes for a natural cake with plenty of flair.

If you want a pop of camouflage in your bridal ensemble, how about rocking a pair of green or camouflage patterned shoes down the aisle? They will pop against your white dress and add that element of natural beauty to your look.

Groom fashion
Whether you have your better half sport a camo vest or tie, either will look great and coordinate with the wedding theme.

How will you be including camouflage into your wedding day? Share your thoughts with us!