If you’ve always dreamt of a summer or spring wedding, an outdoor reception is the perfect end to a beautiful night. But once the sun sets, your guests will be left celebrating with nothing but the moon to light the dance floor. While that sounds romantic, you want to actually be able to see your guests. Here are a few unique ideas when it comes to illuminating your outdoor reception space:

You know that cylinder-shaped grater you use to shred cheese? Turns out, those graters are the perfect way to add some soft and subtle light. Head to your nearest thrift or dollar store and grab a few (or a lot) of cylinder-shaped graters. Place them all over your reception space and fill them with candles or tea lights for a romantic lantern that will shine unique patterns of light all over.

Clusters of candles
Is there anything more romantic than candles? As the sun is setting, help your reception tables glow by placing groups of candles everywhere so that your entire space will be illuminated by the soft glow of candles. For an even more creative approach, float them in vases filled with water and flowers.

Light up the trees
Take stringed lights and fill the trunk of the trees with the twinkling bursts of light. They provide an inviting radiance that will make you and your guests feel right at home. If your reception venue has an outdoor ceiling, create a canopy of lights by handing them from the ceiling.

Special furniture
Some rental companies are now offering lighted furniture options. Your tables and chairs shine LED colored lights all over the reception space and really give off a vibe that says, “It’s time to celebrate.”

Paper lanterns
You could either purchase these or DIY them, but paper lanterns can be hung from trees to create a wonderland of illuminating lights. Some can even be adorned with lace to fit a classic or more elegant wedding theme.