Weddings aren’t what they used to be, and there’s one thing we can thank for that: technology. It has made things immensely easier, like keeping in touch with members of the bridal party and guests, registering for gifts and managing the planning process in general. While technology has offered an enormous helping hand, there are certainly dos and don’ts brides and grooms should be adhering to.

DO use your smartphone for planning purposes
With the number of wedding planning apps out there, why not take advantage of your smartphone and use them to help yourself stay organized? If your phone is with you at all times, that means all of the necessary info regarding the big day will stay by your side as well. Just don’t use your phone when walking down the aisle. This texting bride clearly forgot she was tying the knot. We suggest leaving your phone in your purse or with a bridesmaid.

DON’T use disposable cameras
This seems like a fun, retro idea and it might even seem practical but the cost of the cameras can add up since you’ll probably want one at every table, plus the time and money it takes to develop the film. Thanks to smartphones, your guests can take pictures with free apps like Wed Pics. The perks of using an app and website like Wed Pics are endless! We highly recommend it for you and your guests.

DO #hashtagyourheartout
If you or your guests are posting a picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, use a hashtag like “#DLGwedding.” If everyone uses the same hashtag in all of their posts and pictures, everything wedding-related will be in one location and be super easy to find. Then you can see images and posts in real time as they’re posted. It’s a great way to follow a wedding if you can’t be in attendance.

DON’T send email invitations
Not only are bridal shower invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations and wedding invitations infinitely more beautiful than an email popping up in your inbox, they’re also more formal and speak to all generations. Your grandparents may not be as technologically savvy with emails as the rest of your family and friends. Sending them in the mail ensures that everyone receives one, and can easily reply back.

DO livestream your wedding
If a distant relative or good friend can’t attend the big day, they can attend via livestream! Some streaming services are wedding-specific and charge fees for various packages. Others are just everyday services you may already use. Research the following options and see what’s right for you:

I Do Stream is currently the most popular live-streaming service for weddings, and allows lots of simultaneous viewers. Their broadcast options range in price but all are fairly affordable for such an important service.

Maybe you only have a few people you want to stream to or maybe you’re just looking for the cheapest option. Here are some everyday streaming options to look into:

Skype is perfect for streaming to one other device because one-to-one video calls are free. However, if you upgrade you can set up a conference call to 10 other devices.

Apple FaceTime is a great option between mac devices. Unfortunately, you can only set up a video call to one other Apple user.

YouTube is another great option you can use for free but you need a Google+ account and YouTube account. The Offbeat Bride has a great tutorial on how to make this work. Viewers do not have to have a Google+ or YouTube account. They will simply follow the link to your wedding video on YouTube.