Just because you’ve already walked down the aisle and exchanged vows, that doesn’t mean that there’s not still plenty to celebrate after all those years. Whether you’re celebrating five or 50 years together, here are some of the details to keep in mind when planning your special anniversary party with your better half and all of your closest friends and family:

Send out invitations
You’ll want to send your party guests invitations that really set the mood and fit the theme for the occasion. This Still in Love – Anniversary Invitation is perfect for such an event. Let your guests know that you’re still very much in love and can’t wait to celebrate with all of them for a second time. The invitation reads “Still in love after all these years” in a beautiful font amid a neutral background.

Select a theme
Just like you chose a theme for your wedding, you’ll want to do the same for your anniversary party. It could be a simple, rustic theme or you could pick from a slew of others, including Western, Mardi Gras Ball, hearts, floral, beach, fairy tale and so many more. Try to pick a theme that accurately depicts your personalities and the relationship that you have built through all of these years together. Choosing a theme will help you to coordinate the rest of the party.

Choose a venue
If you’re having a somewhat small get together, maybe you would like to host the event at your humble abode. But if the party calls for more space, consider other venues that would allow you to celebrate in style, like a church hall, a favorite restaurant that the two of you love, a banquet room or even a park.

Create the perfect playlist
Music can really help to set the tone for the night. Beforehand, take time out to create a playlist that is really going to form the appropriate mood. You could even make a playlist of all the songs that were played at your wedding, or songs that were popular during the year that you tied the knot.

Assign someone to take photos
If you don’t want to pay for a photographer, designate a family member or a friend to capture the big event. This way, you won’t have to be worried about getting shots of the event and you can simply enjoy your party.

What are you going to be sure to include in your anniversary party? Share your thoughts with us!