Bohemian-themed weddings seem to be popping up everywhere, and we’re very OK with that. Bohemian weddings are often very relaxed, with plenty of natural and beautiful decor items. Think lots of wildflowers, loose flowing hair, layered jewelry and a look of effortlessness. If you and your spouse-to-be are considering a bohemian wedding, make sure to have these essentials on your list:

Wedding invitations
Give your guests a sneak peak at the wedding theme with this Burlap and Lace – White Shimmer – Pocket Invitation. The burlap evokes a feel of natural beauty, and the white, lace flowers draped on the top and bottom of the invitation offer a rustic ambiance – perfect for bohemian nuptials.

Relaxed dress
A bohemian wedding ensemble often resembles an effortless, relaxed and beautiful bride. Gowns can have embellishments, layers, lace or all three! Brides often give off a hippy vibe, with a loose fitting gown, topped off with beachy sandals and layered jewelry.

The perfect hairstyle
Just like the dress, the hairstyle should look natural and relaxed.¬†Loose, flowing braids are popular, whether it’s a fishtail braid sweeping all the way down your back with a feather intertwined or naturally curled waves of hair adorned with a headband of wildflowers to wear across your forehead. Bohemian brides love their hair accessories, especially floral embellishments – it should look as if you walked through a field and put together random flowers in your hair.

Layered jewelry
One necklace simply isn’t enough for the bohemian bride. Think layered necklaces to draw attention to your neckline and provide a splash of color to your ensemble. Thrift stores often have special vintage finds that are perfect and inexpensive for your big day.

A textured bouquet
Think outside of the box when it comes to your bouquet. Mix together lots of natural flowers and throw in some feathers for some texture and added color. Tie a string of burlap around the stems and there you have it – a perfectly bohemian bouquet.

Creative lighting
Whether it’s your ceremony or your reception, whimsical, magical lighting really adds to the natural ambiance of your big day. Hang lanterns from trees or drape strings of lights from tree to tree for subtle, romantic lighting to set the mood.

Go natural
For your reception decorations, think natural elements, like wood, flowers, feathers and fruits. A glass vase filled with lemons is an example of a simple decor piece that’s easy and beautiful.

Which bohemian element will you be having at your wedding? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Two Little Owls in Love via Barefoot Blonde