If you’ve been browsing for a classic wedding invitation, you’ve surely found a plethora of designs with timeless details. From pearl-foil borders to glimmering thermography print to delicate laser-cutting – these are the elements that make your wedding invitation feel luxurious and oh-so-special.

But, let’s take a step back from all those pretty finishing touches and take a close look at the paper stock. Traditional wedding invitations are typically printed on one of two colors – white or ecru.

What’s the Difference?

White wedding invitations are just that. Classic, clean, crisp and bright white.

Perhaps the word “ecru” has you scratching your head. We get it – if you haven’t shopped for fine stationery before, it does feel a bit foreign. Ecru is simply the term often used by fine stationery printers to describe ivory or cream colored paper. Ecru wedding invitations are just as classic as white invites, but have a warmer tone.

Which is Right for Our Wedding?

If you’re wondering which shade is better for introducing your wedding style, consider:

1. The Color of Your Wedding Gown

This is a simple way to choose between white and ecru. If your wedding dress is bright white, choose a white wedding invitation. If you’ll be wearing a cream, ivory, off-white or even spun-gold wedding dress, select an ecru wedding invitation instead.

2. The Season of Your Wedding

Seasonality can play a role as well. We love white wedding invitations for spring and summer weddings – they play well with the freshness of the season. White also pairs perfectly with spring and summer colors like blue, pink and purple.

If you’re getting married in the fall or winter, ecru is a fabulous choice. The warmer jewel tones like burgundy and gold that are often popular during these months complement ecru beautifully.

3. Your Personal Taste

Last, but certainly not least – choose what you love most! Your invitation is your guests’ first glimpse at your wedding day and you should love your design as much as every other element of your day.

Make Sure You Love it

Before you order your invitation suite, order a free sample so you can see the colors, details and printing processes for yourself. And as you’re designing your invitation, be sure to reach out to our team for help with anything from design assistance to wedding etiquette tips.

Happy wedding planning, brides and grooms!

xo – the team at Invitations by Dawn


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