When you send out wedding invitations to all of your guests, it’s going to get out the message that you and your spouse-to-be are gettin’ hitched. But it turns out, invites can say much more than that. Here are 10 of the cutest and most fun sayings:

1. Best Day Ever
It’s safe to say that your wedding day is likely to be the best day ever, so this Best Day Ever – Invitation couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion. It’s short, sweet and to the point.

2. From This Day Forward
Straight from our Featherpress collection, this True Art- Ecru – Featherpress Invitation reading “From This Day Forward” captures a whole lot of emotion into one saying: romance, love, commitment, trust and happiness.

3. He Loves Her and She Loves Him
Get straight to the point with this He Loves Her – Vellum Invitation. The phrase “He Loves Her and She Loves Him” details exactly why the two of you are tying the knot in the first place. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of planning for the big day, but this invite reminds everyone why this celebration is taking place.

4. Today I Marry My Friend
Many of the most wonderful marriages flourish from friendships. If that’s the case with you and your sweetie, this Chalkboard Sketch – Invitation is perfect for the occasion.

5. True Love Forever
Everyone dreams of finding their one true love and now you have! Spread the word with this Choose Your Own – Ecru – Featherpress Invitation. The simple design brings it all together to create a one-of-a-kind invite.

6. Our Love is an Awesome Love
Heck yes, it is! Spread your awesomeness with this Awesome Love Foil Invitation. Available in a bevy of colors, this fun saying gets right to the point.

7. Together
Together, the two of you have gone down a path that has led to marriage and together, the two of you will make that leap, together. Are you seeing the theme here? This Blossom Together – Aqua – Invitation gives off the notion that from here on out, it’s all about togetherness.

8. Lucky Love
The two of you are lucky to have found each other and have decided to start this journey through life together. Express these feelings with this Love and Luck – Invitation, donning the phrase “Lucky in Love.”

9. Forever
This simple and beautiful Fancy Forever – Ecru – Featherpress Invitation will take your breath away. You and your best friend are taking this leap and will love each other until the end of time.

10. Today I Marry My Love
My Love – Navy – Foil Invitation is beautifully stamped and includes a gorgeous and utterly true statement: Today I Marry My Love.

Which invitation best speaks to you and your other half? Share your thoughts with us!