The response cards that you include in your wedding invitation suite may be an afterthought compared to all the other important wedding planning elements that you have to consider. From your save the dates to flowers to honeymoon – you’ve got a lot on your wedding-planning plate!

But think of it this way: Your response card essentially gives you a good estimate of how much your wedding day is going to cost. The number of guests who RSVP “yes” to your wedding can tell you how many chairs, tables, centerpieces and food you’ll need to plan for. Wording your response cards, including choosing the right rsvp-by date is a detail you don’t want to shrug off as unimportant.

These simple cards hold a lot of power, so giving them with a little personality is a great idea. You can sure stick with traditional RSVP messages like “accepts with pleasure”, or “regretfully declines”. But, if you want to have a little fun with the wording, we have some ideas!

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Here are a few of our favorite ways to word your response cards that’ll have your wedding guests smiling ear to ear:

Clever Wedding RSVP Wording

Featured Product: Rose Garden – Response Card

Can’t wait to party!
Bummer! Can’t make it.

Can’t wait to be there!
Party on without us.

Ready to dance.
My dance card is full.


Funny Wedding RSVP Wording

Featured Product: Serene Greenery – Response Card

Hell yes!
Shoot, nope.

Duh, totally there!
No, but I have a good excuse!

I’m so in.
I’m so lame.

Heck yeah!
Heck, noooo (so sad!)

Attending for free beer.
Attending for great music.
Attending for the love.
Can’t make it, sorry!

Casual Wedding RSVP Wording

Featured Product: Gilded Garden – Foil Response Card

We’ll see you there
Sorry to miss it

Delightfully accepts
Regretfully declines

Will happily attend
Will sadly be absent

Yup, we’ll be there!
Aw, sorry, can’t make it.

Cute Destination Wedding RSVP Wording

Featured Product: Palm Tree Passion – Response Card

Sunscreen is packed
Toasting from afar

My bags are packed
Can’t find my passport

Lo siento

Can’t wait for sunshine!
Can’t believe we’ll miss it.

Whichever wording option you choose, make sure it fits with wedding theme and your personalities. You could even put your heads together and come up with your very own wording. If you have any questions as your browse designs and word your wedding stationery, remember that our experts are always here to help!