I saw we did a post on brides popping the questions to their girlfriends asking them to be in the bridal party. But, if you’ve ever seen the incredible film, “I Love You, Man,” you know how hard it can be to find those groomsmen to support you on the big day. You can’t just go the same route as the ladies and bake him pink cupcakes or hand him a personalized hanger for his suit. But I think the guys deserve to have some fun too, and if you or your groom wants to do something special for his friends, I have a few ideas that are perfect for the occasion:

Personalized beers
Alright, what guy doesn’t love beer? Grab a six-pack of your favorite craft beer, but before you hand them out, they need to be changed up a little. Slap a new label on them that reads their names and the question “Will you be my groomsman?” Then when they say yes (hopefully) you can crack open a few cold ones to celebrate.

Ask them with food
Think about the kinds of foods that your guy friends are into the most. Send their favorite food to their house with a note attached asking them the important question. Treats could include pizza, popcorn, beef jerky, peanuts and more. They’ll love the fact that they just got some free food to chow down on.

Get creative with puns
If you and your guy friends are on the goofier side, opt to send them each a watch with a note attached saying “time for a wedding!” Keep in mind, these don’t have to be Rolexes. However, if you want the boys to sport these on your wedding day, you might want to keep it classier than the plastic watch you found in your cereal box.

A shaving kit
If you’re looking for a way to have your guys clean up for the wedding and be your groomsman, there’s no better way to say it than with a shaving kit. This is something they could (and should) use when the wedding day rolls around, and they can thank you for their fresh look.

A glass mug
Personalize a glass mug with their favorite sports team etched into the glass. This will be a gift they’ll use over and over again. If they’re a Chicago Bears fan, this Bears NFL Glass Mug is perfect.

How would you propose to your best guy friend? Share your thoughts with us!