Could you imagine walking down the aisle and have your flowers start to wilt by the time you reach the altar? What a nightmare. All of those afternoons you spent with the florist, choosing the perfect floral arrangement will have gone down the drain just like that. If you’re planning a destination wedding in a tropical location or are due for a summer wedding, you’re going to want to make sure that your blooms are just as prepped as you are for the sun’s rays. Here are a few tips when it comes to choosing the right wedding flowers for a hot, hot wedding:

Think ahead
You’ll want to pay attention to the weather forecast for the day of your nuptials. If the temperature is going to be somewhat cool, you might be OK, but if it’s supposed to be 90 degrees and humid, you’ll need to prepare in the right way.

Know which flowers can take the heat
When choosing your wedding flowers, avoid lighter petaled flowers that are very fragile. Instead, stick with seasonal flowers that are going to stand up to the sun’s rays – like roses. Talk to your florist about the best flowers to use. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, the flowers that stand up best to the heat and humidity include orchids, roses, callas, celosias, lisianthus and hydrangeas.

Keep them in a vase
If you were set on a certain flower, but it’s not best for the warm weather, you can actually walk down the aisle with your floral arrangement in a vase. Don’t worry – I’m not talking about a bulky glass vase. There are plenty of small vases that just make it looked like the flowers are simply wrapped. Pour a little water into the vase and you’re good to go for the evening!

Don’t forget about centerpieces
If you’re having an outdoor ceremony or reception, your centerpieces are going to be sitting in the sun for a long period of time. Just like your bouquet, choose flowers that aren’t too delicate. You could also opt for a green European garden, which looks naturally beautiful and holds up great in the bright sunlight. You could also fill a large glass bowl with succulents in river rock and water for a natural and elegant centerpiece that is going to look just as beautiful and refreshed at the end of the night as it did in the beginning of the day. As a general rule, Martha Stewart Weddings suggested sticking with less-traditional greenery like rosemary, olive branches and eucalyptus leaves.

Which wedding flowers are you using for your summer nuptials? Share your thoughts with us!