As long as you’re married to the love of your life at the end of the day, your wedding was a success. But you want to make sure that your guests have just as wonderful of a time as you are having. I remember one wedding I went to where the toasts went on for an hour (including the bad jokes) and the food took way too long to come out. Although I was elated for the happy couple, I wasn’t as thrilled about the reception. But don’t worry, we’ve got some of the top guest complaints to help you avoid any unwanted bumps in the road on your wedding day:

Cash bar
Alright, let’s be real. One of the best parts of attending a wedding is the open bar. Think about it this way: You would never ask a guest in your own home to pay for a drink, so why would you do the same at your wedding? Skip the cash bar and go with open bar instead. You could even have a limited open bar with tea, soda, beer, champagne and wine.

An inconvenient date
Just because you’re not the biggest football fan doesn’t mean that your guests aren’t. Specific dates, like the Super Bowl, should probably be avoided. Instead of watching you exchange vows, they might be checking their smartphone for scores instead. Don’t ask your guests to give up time spent with family and friends on dates like Christmas, the World Series, Olympics or any other holidays. Be courteous to others and consider a date that will work best for everyone.

Squished seating
At one ceremony I went to, the chairs were set up so close to each other that I felt as though I was sitting in the lady’s lap next to me. For both your ceremony and reception, make sure that guests have enough room to comfortably move around.

Cocktail hour
Cocktail hour should be just that – an hour. Coming from a girl who wore five-inch heels to the last wedding she attended, definitely have comfortable seating if your cocktail time is going to exceed an hour and a half. It’s also a good idea to have a fully stocked bar, appetizers and unique activities so guests aren’t impatiently waiting to enter the reception venue.

Do you have any other wedding faux paus future brides should know about before they walk down the aisle? Share your thoughts with us!