Succulents are always in style and their versatility make decorating for a wedding a breeze. If you’re not quite sure what these are, these are plants that store water in their leaves and stems, making them perfect for a hot summer wedding. Their waxy leaves and bold colors are available all over the world, and different varieties come in shades of pink, red, chartreuse, blue-green, yellow, white, burgundy, almost black and more. My guess is you won’t have any trouble finding one that matches your colors or wedding style.

If you’re having a hot destination wedding or exchanging vows in the middle of August, you’re likely going to have some humid conditions to deal with. Therefore, you’ll want to stay away from any delicate flowers – while they’re beautiful, they won’t stand up to the weather like succulents will. These plants are natural-looking and provide a simple elegance that is unmatched by any other plant. Stick some succulents in water in a large glass bowl filled with river rocks. These will be sure to last throughout the entire day and are perfect for a rustic affair.

Pair succulents of your choice with a flower in your floral arrangement. Roses are usually the best flower for warm weather ceremonies. Pairing the two together create a unique and special bouquet that won’t wilt by the time you share your first kiss with your better half. There are so many ways you can create a bouquet that will match your color palette. Go for a purple and gray, green succulents with green flowers, or white roses and varied succulents. All are perfect!

Stick this gorgeous plant on your gorgeous man or woman’s lapel to match your bouquet. Simply select your favorite variety and color.

After your guests see how well these beautiful plants stand up through the heat of an entire wedding and reception, they’re going to want to take one home for themselves. Succulents are a perfect house plant because they like the dry humidity and warm conditions found in most homes. One of the best succulents to give your guests as a favor would be the jade plant. This old-fashioned favorite is so easy to grow and has thick stems with glossy, green leaves tinged with red. Re-potting is seldom necessary because of the small root system, making it one easy plant to care for!

Will you be having any succulents at your wedding? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Mirelle Carmichael Photography via The Frosted Petticoat