When guests arrive at your reception, there’s likely two things that they’re going to wonder: Where are the drinks and where do I sit? While many brides either choose to set out table cards to identify where each guest is meant to sit or simply let guests choose their own seat, there are a bevy of creative options to choose from when it comes to seating arrangements. It’s even easy to have the seating display match your wedding style! Check out these ideas to get some inspiration for your own nuptials:

Hanging from a tree
For an outdoor reception, use nature to your advantage. Tie ribbon or some twine onto each place card to be hung on the branches of a tree. Not only is it fun for guests to rummage through the display to find their name, it makes for a stunning decor piece.

Stuck in a potted plant
If you’re having a rustic or natural-looking wedding, a potted plant might just be the perfect touch. Have a large arrangement of numbered potted plants with popsicle sticks stuck in each of them. On the popsicle sticks, print out the guests’ names. This is an easy way to incorporate a pop of color into the reception – and they’re great for centerpieces!

Mark the glasses
If you’re having a smaller reception, you could have a table with personalized glasses. Each cup would have the guest’s name and their table number. This way, they can fill up their drink and head on over to the right table to begin the celebration! Look for glasses that fit your wedding color palette.

A mirror of names
Hang a big mirror in front of the reception venue that outlines where your friends and family are supposed to sit. This can add a vintage and charming feel to the reception. Print the names in vinyl and watch your guests make faces in the mirror as they find their seat.

Photo cards
Could you imagine having a wall of pictures of every guest in attendance for your big day? If you can get ahold of a photo of each wedding guest, use it as a personal escort card labeled with their seating arrangement. Your friends and family will be curious as to which picture you chose and it serves as a one-of-a-kind ice breaker for conversations.

Lock it up
Hang old vintage keys all over a door that has a card attached with the seating information. Guests will love that they get to keep their own key and it gives a vintage feel that a simple place card just couldn’t pull off.

How would you choose to display your seating arrangement at your reception? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Carlie Statsky Photography via Love and Lavender