Much like asking a crush to the high school dance, you can’t just flat out ask anyone anymore. These days, it has to be some extravagant gesture. The same goes for asking your best girlfriends to be in your bridal party. After all, it is a big deal! Here are a few creative ways to pop the question to your closest friends:

Say it with sweets
What girl wouldn’t love to be presented with a cake or a display of cupcakes? Spell out the message on whatever dessert your friends would like most. Who could say no to some sweet treats baked by your bestie?

Go old fashioned
There’s nothing wrong with sending out an old fashioned card! It could be simple and to the point, or you could print out a funny message to go along with the note like “Will you hold my dress while I pee?” This card is sure to be the best mail they’ve received all week.

A bottle of wine
Print out a message or a picture of the two of you to stick on the label of your friends’ favorite bottle of wine. Not only will this be a unique way to pop the question, you both can celebrate after with a glass of vino! If you want, include a few personalized wine glasses along with the bottle that has each of their names printed on the bottom.

Copy the groom
You were likely proposed to on one knee with a sparkling rock in a box. Give your girls the same treatment – just not quite as sparkly. Construct your own box and sit a ring pop in the bottom. Although it’s not quite the ring they want, it will be super special coming from you.

Make a photo strip
Have a family member take a few priceless photos of you spelling out the message of “Will you be my bridesmaid?” This is an easy way to ask your besties and will be a photo that they will hang onto forever. You can even include personalized messages on the back to make it even more special.

Shop around for a necklace or bracelet for your future bridesmaids. This way, all of your best friends can have matching jewelry that they can all happily sport on the big day. And who doesn’t love getting jewelry? Attach a message inside and send it off.

A personalized hanger
While a hanger doesn’t exactly sound like the gift of the year, trust me, this one’s a keeper. Present each girl with a personalized wooden hanger. They can then use it to hang their dress on when the big day comes!

How are you planning on proposing to your best friends? Share your ideas with us!

Photo credit: The Pastry Studio