Chances are, you know the guests at your wedding very well, but they may not know each other. Sure, alcohol usually helps to get the conversation started, but one very simple and fun way for guests to get to know one another is to have a few ice-breaker games lined up at the reception tables. This way, there will be no awkward conversations – only laughs and new friendships being made. Here are a few games you might want to think about having at your reception:

Mad Libs
Who doesn’t love creating a goofy Mad Lib? For those of you not familiar with how these work, you’re supposed to blindly fill in the verb, noun, name, adjective or number asked for on the card and then read the finished product aloud to the table. The sillier the better. You could even choose to make Mad Libs from the proposal story, how you two love birds met or even a funny story that happened during your relationship. My guess is they won’t be too accurate to the real thing, but that’s the fun of it! Have the DJ collect all of them and read the best ones aloud.

Apples to Apples
I’m a huge fan of this unique game – especially the wedding edition. What you do is place three to five cards at each guests’ place setting. Each card has a random noun on it that’s usually ridiculous. Then the DJ or a friend/family member of the bride and groom goes around to each table and asks them a question like “What will be the name of their first child?” or “Where will they have their honeymoon?” Each guest then picks a card that they feel best answers the question and whoever gives the answer that the bride and groom like the most wins a prize!

Photo captions
Print out a variety of photos of you and your spouse-to-be. It should be a collection of all sorts of pictures – the good, the bad and the ugly. A photo will be given to every reception table where the guests have to all think of a witty caption for the photo. The DJ then collects all of the pictures, puts them up on the projector and reads what each table came up with for a caption. The table with the best caption will receive a prize.

Which game would you choose to play at your reception? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Crimson & Clover Photography