Wearing your mother’s dress down the aisle when the big day rolls around is a dream that many brides have had ever since they were a little girl. It’s such a special way to include your mom in the celebration. But when it’s actually your turn to exchange vows and you look back on your mother’s wedding pictures to find that her gown was adorned with shoulder pads resembling a linebacker’s, you may think twice. Or maybe your mom’s gown has come back into style and you’re pumped to show it off on the big day, but it wasn’t preserved properly or needs a few alterations. Whatever your situation, we have several options for including your mother’s dress in your nuptials:

Wear it as is
If you’re lucky, you won’t need to make any alterations to your mother’s wedding dress. It may be the dress that you have always dreamed of wearing. In that case, you’re going to save a few bucks and it’s going to be so special to compare your wedding photos to your mother’s.

Alter it
The dress may be almost perfect, it just needs a few alterations – like covering up discolored spots with embellishments, cutting off the sleeves, or adding a little extra lace here and there. When you have a seamstress and an imagination, you can create a modern wedding dress with a little bit of that vintage flair. There are plenty of ways to make it your own, while still preserving the original look of the dress.

Take pieces to embellish a new dress
If your mom’s OK with slicing up her old gown, there are so many things you can do with different pieces:

Use lace on your veil
You could use the original veil your mother wore, or take a piece of her dress and sew it onto the veil. This way, the dress can be your own, but you’ll still have a special piece of her dress with you as you say “I do.”

Wrap your bouquet
Take your favorite part of her dress, cut it up and wrap it around your bouquet so you can hold onto this unique piece of history as you start the newest chapter in your life. Lace adds a vintage feel that is stunning.

Make a necklace out of the lace
Wear a piece of your mother’s gown around your neck as you walk down the aisle. Create a necklace in which a piece of lace or embellished cloth from the old dress is printed on a piece of jewelry. This way, you can look down and know that you’re carrying an important piece of history with you as you start your new life.

Are you going to wear your mother’s wedding dress? How will you be showing it off down the aisle? Share your thoughts with us!