Whether you’re a country girl at heart or just can’t get enough rock n’ roll, a music-themed wedding may be on your list of ideas. If you and your groom are music fanatics, you’ll both love dancin’ down the aisle to this fun and out-of-the-ordinary wedding theme. Here are a few creative ideas that are perfect for your musical affair:

The guestbook
If you’re having a music-themed wedding, the traditional guestbook just wouldn’t fit the theme. A music stand, however, is more in-line with it. Place one (or a few) black music stands outside of your reception and place a few gold markers on it. It perfectly stands out against the black and will be an excellent keepsake (that you may actually use!) for years to come.

Table decor
Candles are always a must-have to add a little romance to the room (not that there won’t be a whole lot already). But if you really want to get creative, wrap a few sheets of sheet music around the outside of the glass votive. The glow from the candle illuminates the musical notes in a stunning manner.

Top off your sweets
Of course you could stick with the traditional tiered confection and have your baker adorn it with musical notes. But if you’re going with cupcakes or cookies, top them off with a single music note to stay on theme. You could also create wedding flags that easily stick into your sweet treats for a creative way to decorate.

Tune your bouquet
In between all of the beautiful flowers, how about sticking some flowers of a different kind in there? If you’re a whiz at origami or know someone who is, beautiful paper flowers can be created using old music sheets. These make for a vintage feel and add some unique texture to your floral arrangement.

How would you incorporate this musical theme in your big day? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo credit: Jeray and Kim Weddings via The Knotty Bride