Rapunzel is not your typical Disney princess, but she does rock that classic Disney hair that sets the bar way too high for real life hairstyles. She has 70-foot-long hair … how does she not have split ends? That’s just a great episode of MythBusters waiting to happen. She also has freckles, which no other Disney princess to date has. Go Rapunzel! Anyway, if you need a little brushing up on this blonde beauty and haven’t seen the recent Disney film, “Tangled,”  she has the magical ability to heal and reverse aging when she sings a special song. She was kidnapped by Mother Gothel when she was an infant, due to her ability to make her kidnapper look younger. Come on lady, just use some night cream like everyone else. She was locked in the tower 18 years, until her prince charming, Flynn Rider, came to her rescue. With her luscious locks and stunning beauty, it’s no wonder why brides are looking to emulate the Disney bombshell in their very own weddings. Here are a few ways to incorporate Rapunzel into your wedding theme:

Alert your guests
Since you probably can’t make an announcement from your ivory tower, you’ll want to mail out this Romantic Imagination Invitation – Rapunzel, which reflects the long-haired beauty to a T. The exuberant purple swirls and shimmering white paper create a beautiful card worthy of a Disney wedding.

Light up the sky
Rapunzel was always fascinated by the floating lanterns that lit up the sky every year on her birthday. Experience the beauty of floating lanterns at your wedding reception by having you and your guests release a large number of lanterns. These sky lanterns are an especially memorable way to end the big night and the pictures that come from the event are stunning.

Braid your locks
Although you may not be able to pull off 70-foot hair on your wedding day, you could opt to style your hair into a side braid, incorporating natural flowers into the ‘do. If your hair isn’t long enough, no problem! That’s what hair extensions are for.

Rapunzel-inspired makeup
Emulate Rapunzel’s purple gown by spreading a bit of purple eyeshadow on your lids. If you’re not a fan of the color on your eyes,you could incorporate the purple color elsewhere, whether it’s in with your flowers, jewelry or shoes.

Make a grand exit
Forget the car and have your prince charming (or princess!) pull up on a horse to whisk you away after the night has come to an end.

What’s your favorite way of incorporating Rapunzel into your wedding? Share your thoughts with us!