If you have a rebellious spirit, a love for cats and value true love over status, then you and the beloved Disney princess, Jasmine, have a lot in common. If you’re unfamiliar with the exotic tale, here’s a quick summary: Jasmine is the heir to Agrabah and must wed a Sultan from another land before her next birthday. Unfortunately, the suitors usually leave with a few bruises and tears in their royal robes because Jasmine lets her tiger loose on the foolish men who have come to claim her hand in marriage. Desperate to find true love, Jasmine leaves the palace and meets Aladdin, aka the “street rat.” Although a power-hungry villain threatens to destroy Jasmine’s true love and her kingdom, good triumphs over evil and Jasmine is granted permission to wed her peasant boyfriend.

Take a cue from this Disney princess and turn your wedding into an exotic, colorful venue filled with magic, mystery and lots of love. Here are a few ideas to inspire your Arabian themed wedding:

Wedding Invitations
Invite your guests in style by sending out the Exotic Romance Invitation – Jasmine before the last grain of sand falls from the hourglass. The exotic pattern, and royal purple and gold color combination reflect the dress Jasmine wore during the last scene as she and her prince rode off into the night on their magic carpet.

Cake Tassels
You may not be able to sail away on a magic carpet, but you can definitely recreate the design and pattern detail of the colorful rug on your wedding cake. Ask your pastry chef to create a three-tiered masterpiece that looks just as good as it tastes. Colored fondant, gold icing and few flower petals should do the trick.

Skip the Veil
Instead of wearing a veil with your dress, opt for a pretty headpiece to finish off your wedding hairstyle. A knotted chain headband can be a perfect accent, but if you prefer a gold finish like the jewelry Jasmine wears, try a golden head chain. It may be just what you’re looking for!

Colorful Accents
Set the mood at the reception by using colored lanterns to light the tables. Turquoise bird cages look pretty with tropical flowers nestled inside for centerpieces. Purple, ruby red or emerald green tablecloths add a splash of color to the venue as well.

Show Off Your Figure
Although we love Jasmine’s body confidence, skip the crop top and try a form-fitting trumpet or mermaid silhouette for your wedding dress to show off your figure instead. This off-the-shoulder beaded trumpet gown by Sissi is definitely princess approved. A sweetheart neckline and curve hugging organza dress is a little sweet and a whole lot of sexy.