This week, we’re talking about the Disney princess that made being pale something to aspire to: Snow White. This black-haired beauty rocks a red bow in her hair, and if you need a little background, here’s the gist: Snow White was born into the royal family, but her mother died when she was born and Snow White’s clueless dad messed everything up when he remarried a cold-hearted queen (why do Disney dads have an affinity for marrying witches?). This wicked stepmother feared that one day, Snow White’s beauty would surpass her own (obviously) so she forced her to work as a servant in rags. Long story short, she flees and finds the seven dwarfs, eats a poisoned apple and gets reawakened when her prince kisses her.

Wedding invitations
Send your guests the big news with this Apple Blossoms Invitation – Snow White, which comes in bright red, just like Snow White’s lips. There are embossed apple blossoms inspired by the film imprinted on this beautiful stationery.

Sweeten up your bouquet
Flowers aren’t the only element that can be a part of your arrangement. Fruits are a great way to spice things up, add splashes of color and provide texture to the bouquet. In this case, you’ll want to add fresh red apples. And if you wish, do the same for your centerpieces! But if you got them from a battered-looking witch, I would advise against using those.

Mirror mirror on the wall…
What is the most creative guestbook of all? This one. For a unique guestbook, hang a bevy of mirrors all over the wall for your guests to sign. They add a vintage touch to your nuptials and perfectly stick to the theme.

Add splashes of red into the bridal ensemble
There is such a variety of places that you can add some pops of red into your appearance. Rock a pair of bold red heels down the aisle, brighten up your lips and nails with a shade of red, slip in a similarly colored headband (just like Snow White herself) or carry a bouquet of red roses with you.

Multi-colored bridesmaids
Dress your girls in different colors from Snow White’s dress: Yellow, blue and red. Go with the same style or step outside of the box and allow your bffs to wear differently styled dresses. Either way, the colors will go together beautifully and instantly make you and your guests think of Snow White.

Are you considering implementing Snow White into your big day? Share your thoughts with us!