When you two love birds have tied the knot, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get a picture of the two rings. Sure, you could take a traditional photo of the rings on your fingers, but there are so many creative options when it comes to showing off those sparklers. In fact, there are many unexpected places to capture photos of your new rings. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

With fruit
At first, fruit doesn’t sound like it would be the best idea. But, think about it. Fruit gives your ring a vibrant color in the background so that your rocks stand out even more. Place the rings on top of a bright green apple or red strawberry or laid on top of a deep purple grape. It will look like a professional work of art.

With literature
Even if the two of you aren’t exactly literature junkies, the results of this photo shoot can be beautiful. Open up the book and place the ring standing up in the middle of the spine. With the correct lighting, it should form a shadow in the shape of a heart (aww). If you and your spouse-to-be are spiritual, place the rings over your favorite religious¬†verse.

With flowers
Another great way to get a splash of color into your photos is with flowers. Slide the two rings over the stem or place them right in the middle of the flower for a natural shot that shows off the true beauty of the gems.

With your shoes
If you’re opting to wear heels down the aisle, these babies can be the perfect addition to your wedding ring photo. Slip the two rings on over the heels for a creative photo that shows off both your sparkler and your shoes! If you opted for flats, place the rings on the tip of the toe.

With wine
Let’s be honest – pretty much anything pairs well with wine, even your rings! Grab the wine bottle that was served on your big day and lay it on its side. Place your rocks in just the right spot so you can see the label and maybe even the date!

With sports
If the two of you are sports fanatics, use that as inspiration for your photo shoot! Balance the rings on top of a baseball, basketball, volleyball or any other ball of your choice that suits the two of you.

How do you plan on showing off your new rock? Share your thoughts with us!