A wedding website is essential for a wide variety of reasons. It allows you to share wedding information with your friends and family easily, saves you time and money, gives you one place to manage all of your wedding details and allows your guests to delve into your relationship with your sweetie and how it came to be. Wedding websites are truly a lifesaver for everyone.

There are even wedding website templates that match popular wedding invitations! Check out which website is perfect for you right here.

Here are some essentials to include on your wedding website:

The vital information
Of course the most obvious information should be the date, time and location of the nuptials. This is helpful if guests are away from the house and can’t get to the beautiful invitation that you sent out to them. This way, they can hop right on their smartphone and make sure that the doctor appointment they’re scheduling doesn’t fall on the same date as your big day.

A schedule of events
List anything that your guests will need to know about the ceremony – will it take place in a variety of locations? Are there several events leading up to the big day? These are the types of things that your guests are going to want to know so that they can make travel plans in advance.

Travel information
Your guests will surely appreciate a convenient location where they can find all of the maps about how to reach the various venues or information about where to park. For out of town guests, make a list of accommodation options, whether that’s a nearby hotel or a bed and breakfast. Provide them with driving directions from the nearest airports or information about car rental companies if they’re flying in without a vehicle.

RSVP right online
This will make the RSVP process easier for both you and your guests. They won’t have to pick up the phone to dial a number and you won’t have to nag them to do so. Instead, just include the option to RSVP right on the website with the click of a button.

Contact information
Should your guests have questions about the dress code, driving directions or location of the ceremony, they’ll know exactly how to reach you.

Fun stuff
Optional elements like photos, information about you and the lowdown on how you got engaged are also fun additives to contribute to your website.

When you do create your wedding website, you’ll need a place to spread the word and let your guests know where they can find all of this¬†information. Instead of printing the web address on your invitation, go for other enclosed items in the invitation packet like a map or a response card.

What other elements will you be including on your website? Share your thoughts with us!